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Digital Junkies is the official blog of HD PLANET CAMERAS, a full service camera rental house with locations in Los Angeles, CA – Houston, TX – Dallas, TX- New Orleans, LA – Baton Rouge, LA. Founded by Hollywood cameraman Tom Jordan, HDPC has grown into one of the largest RED rental houses in the United States. In addition to offering full support and rentals from the RED DIGITAL CINEMA product line, HDPC specializes in the next generation of digital cinema tools including Arri ALEXA, ALEXA PLUS 4:3, Sony F65 and Sony F3 cameras. HDPC houses an impressive collection of cinema glass including Zeiss Master Primes/Ultra Primes, anamorphic lenses from LOMO and Kowa, full range of Angenieux zooms (Optimo, DP ROUGE), Cooke S4′s, RED PRO Primes, Standard Speeds, Super Speeds and much more.

Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Headquarters
7222 Valjean Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Ph: 818.582.3294
Fax: 818.646.0854


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  1. Kim Pinkstaff says:

    I like digital junkies!!

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