ARRI AMIRA Pricing Announced at $39,999 USD


Filmmakers have been anxiously awaiting pricing details ever since the Arri AMIRA was announced at IBC 2013. The 2K capable ENG-style camera was introduced and aimed towards documentary style filmmakers, featuring some of the same robust features as it’s cinema-geared brother, the Arri ALEXA. The AMIRA features the same 16:9 ALEV III CMOS sensor as the ALEXA, boasting a dynamic range of 14+ stops. The AMIRA will record Rec 709 or Log C images using ProRes LT, 422, 422HQ or 444 codecs. As far as recording media, AMIRA will record in-camera via CFast 2.0 flash memory cards. SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 are currently available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, and are shipping worldwide now with MSRPs of $219.99 to $1,809.99.

As far camera pricing goes, the base model with viewfinder will start at $39,999.00. From the Arri press release:

“There are three camera configurations to choose from, differentiated by their software feature-sets. Customers then select a lens mount, battery mount and bottom plate to assemble a complete camera; these are configured separately because there are various options for each. Whichever AMIRA camera set is initially chosen, it can be upgraded with additional functionality by purchasing a license at the ARRI website.”

“The entry-point AMIRA camera set allows Rec 709 ProRes 422 recording up to 100 fps and might suit owner-operators working mainly in the corporate, online and television markets. Next is the advanced set, a true ‘all-rounder’ configuration that adds features such as Log C, ProRes 422 (HQ) at 200 fps, in-camera grading and a pre-record function, among others. The premium set incorporates features for high-end productions perhaps using AMIRA as a companion to ALEXA, including ProRes 4444 and 2K up to 200 fps, as well as limitless color control on set and in post with custom 3D LUTs.”

Click for Full Press Release

Base pricing for the three tiers will start at approx $40k, $45k, and $52k. Expect a fully equipped package with all licensing to run about $66k USD. Arri re-sellers such as Abel Cine are currently taking deposits, and the first cameras are expected to ship in March 2014, just in time for NAB 2014 in Las Vegas!

For those without $40k sitting around to spend, WB FINANCIAL is offering Arri camera financing options for rental houses, DPs, directors, cameramen and other industry professionals… they can even make your deposit on your behalf to ensure you get one of the first cameras! HD Planet Cameras is pleased to announced that Arri AMIRA rental packages available for pickup in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.


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