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About the author: Nicholas Fitch acts as Director of Finance for WB FINANCIAL, a full service equipment leasing company serving the needs of entertainment industry professionals. In addition, Nicholas serves as president of Way West Media and is recognized as an Internet marketing expert specializing in organic SEO and social media management. You can follow Nicholas on Google+.

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NAB Show 2013

NAB 2013 Preview

In just a few short weeks, NAB 2013 will kick off in Las Vegas, NV. It's a week of full of new technology, conferences, and announcements from leading manufacturers like RED, Sony, and Canon. For those that haven't attended in past years, the NAB show is THE place to be to get your hands on the newest cameras, lenses, and accessories first. Camera nerds and fanboys alike will gather in droves to support Full Story...

ARRI AMIRA Pricing Announced at $39,999 USD

Filmmakers have been anxiously awaiting pricing details ever since the Arri AMIRA was announced at IBC 2013. The 2K capable ENG-style camera was introduced and aimed towards documentary style filmmakers, featuring some of the same robust features as it's cinema-geared brother, the Arri ALEXA. The AMIRA features the same 16:9 ALEV III CMOS sensor as the ALEXA, boasting a dynamic range of 14+ stops. Full Story...

Johnny Manziel Autographs Football Before Throwing Touchdown

So what if Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football) got $7,500 to autograph approx 300 mini-helmets. This guy has mad skills. In the world of instant replay from every possible angle, we were lucky enough to capture this gem from last week's Rice Vs. Texas A&M football match. It happened so fast, not many people even noticed the fact that Manziel was able to autograph the football before delivering a touchdown Full Story...

Color Grading With Magic Bullet Looks in Premiere CS6

I have a business associate; we'll call him Mister X to protect his identity. Mister X is a talented graphic designer and photographer and is just getting into the world of digital cinema/video. Mister X has a Canon 5D Mark II he shoots with that has served him well in the world of stills and would like to use his trusted Canon camera to get acquainted with capturing moving images. When talking, the Full Story...

RED EPIC Dragon Footage Released

If you haven't been sleeping under a rock during the past year, you've probably heard quite a bit about the new EPIC Dragon offering from RED DIGITAL CINEMA. At first glance, it is a big brother to the original RED EPIC, adding 3 stops of dynamic range, clean ISO 2000 and increased stability over previous EPIC MX builds. Originally planned for release in late 2012, delays in sensor development pushed Full Story...

Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8

The Optimo 24-290 is a cinema quality zoom lens from Angenieux that effectively covers a wide, and commonly used focal range. The entire core, focus, zoom, lock rings, and housing of the 24-290mm Optimo are machined from billet aluminum. The only part of the Optimo that isn’t made of high quality aluminum is the mount… Because that is made of stainless steel (Via Matthew Duclos). With a fast maximum Full Story...

WPPI 2013 Film Trailer

The WPPI show and conference is one of the largest gatherings of professional photographers in the world. Every year, over 13,000 attendees flock to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV for a week full of new products and classes. This year, the 2013 event was captured by award winning DP Sion Michel, ACS. The film shows why WPPI is the must-attend event for professional photographers all over the world. Full Story...
RED Dragon Sensor


2013 is officially the year of the Dragon (Sensor). RED Digital Cinema announced their NAB 2013 offerings, and as expected, the time to upgrade to the Dragon Sensor is now! Via Jarrad Land at REDuser- "We will begin upgrading Epic-X and Epic-M cameras tomorrow in our booth. Come view the actual process. Seriously." Don't bring your cameras to the RED booth however, as it turns out, they've already Full Story...
Movi Camera Stabilizer

MoVI Handheld Stabilization System- Is Steadicam Dead?

Vincent Laforet said there was some "game changing" technology coming to NAB 2013. He hinted at what it might be, saying "I really don’t want to oversell this new piece of technology – but I really can’t help but imagine a hundred ways it will affect the way filmmakers approach their shooting, regardless of their budget, in such a "game changing" way." So what is this revolutionary piece of Full Story...
RED Vs Sony Lawsuit

RED Digital Cinema Sues SONY Over F5, F55 and F65 Cameras

First, a little background. The RED ONE camera was the first 4K camera on the block in 2006, then came EPIC (5K capable) and Scarlet-X. In late 2012, Sony Electronics announced their own 4K cameras, the F5 and F55. Soon after, RED cut prices that shaved almost 40% off the retail value of their most popular cinema cameras. After that, things calmed down and all seemed right in the world of ultra high Full Story...