Blackmagic Cinema Camera- “Baby ALEXA” Delayed

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Those of you that pre-ordered your Blackmagic Cinema Camera are going to have to wait just a while longer for the first shipments to take place. The camera, in it’s final stages of Thunderbolt certification and internal testing, has been making waves in the cinema community since being announced at NAB 2012. The 2.5k sensor camera boasts 13 stops of dynamic range and on-board recording via built in SSD module. Estimated ship dates given earlier this month put the ship date around the second week of August, but as of this posting, there is no word from Blackmagic that shipments have started. B&H Photo-Video currently lists the expected availability date as August 30th, 2012.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera might just be the ugliest camera since the Panasonic AF100, but what it packs within its (tiny) body is what has people talking. No doubt, Blackmagic is looking to steer some of the Canon faithful away from DSLR video shooting towards a more cinema friendly camera. The camera features SDI out for onset monitoring, standard jack audio monitoring, and the ability to record to a 12-bit RAW format. If you don’t want to record RAW due to time restraints, there is the option of DNxHD or ProRes. The camera has even been called the “Baby ALEXA” by some, due to the flexibly the camera’s files afford in post. Just look at what John Brawley was able to do with just a ProRes422 file:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera Footage

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Still
You can see the final (graded) short, “Pool Hall” on Vimeo here: You can place your order for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera via any Blackmagic authorized reseller for a list price of $2,995.00 USD. Could it get any better? Blackmagic, like a good infomercial, goes one step further and adds a full copy of DaVinci Resolve 9.0 ($900+ retail), their professional color correction software, for FREE.

While certainly not a replacement for the Arri ALEXA, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is certain to find its way onto many sets as a viable B-camera and is defiantly a worthy option for DSLR shooters looking to upgrade rigs.


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