OCT-19 Spherical LOMO Prime Lens Set


By Collis Huntington…HD Planet Cameras acquires set of OCT-19 mounted spherical LOMO primes and OCT-19 Mount for the RED Epic. After putting some elbow grease (and white lithium grease) into these bad boys the focus is running extremely smooth. With the 50mm and 75mm at a T2.2, they are running fast too. The 150mm is a T3.2. With two more wider lenses being worked on by our lens technician Felix Fransisco, our set will be complete.

After putting the Lomo 150mm up next to the RED 50-150mm Zoom we saw that the Lomo was reaching into the blacks better than the RED. The color temp of the Lomo was a bit cooler as well. Giving the image a steel blue look. What a great looking set of old school glass.



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