RED introduces $42K Epic-M Monochrome Cinema Camera


RED CAMERA promised to stop hyping products that weren’t ready to ship, and true to its word, just announced the EPIC-M Monochrome, surprising even its rabid user base. Packing an all-new black and white-only Mysterium-X sensor, the new cinema camera follows in the footsteps of the Leica M Monochrom still shooter, right down to a similar moniker. RED claims the dedicated CMOS sensor means no color debayering, yielding a one-to-one pixel count and 15-20 percent bump in effective resolution compared to its chromatic cousin. It also touted a sensitivity gain as another advantage, asserting that the Monochrome will have a native ISO of 2,000 (while using the retro-sounding “ASA” term), more than double that of the Epic-M or X. The camera will have a new low pass filter to account for the higher resolution, and buyers who plop down $42,000 to get one on October 1st will be upgraded, gratis, to a new Dragon Monochrome Sensor next year. Like the Leica, if you have to ask why you’d pay such a sum for a camera that doesn’t speak color, it may not be for you — but it is for David Fincher, says RED, who’s already shooting his next feature on one.


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