RED Dragon Sensor

2013 is officially the year of the Dragon (Sensor). RED Digital Cinema announced their NAB 2013 offerings, and as expected, the time to upgrade to the Dragon Sensor is now! Via Jarrad Land at REDuser- “We will begin upgrading Epic-X and Epic-M cameras tomorrow in our booth. Come view the actual process. Seriously.” Don’t bring your cameras to the RED booth however, as it turns out, they’ve already selected the cameras that would be upgraded at the show. The upgrade information is as follows:

Tomorrow (Monday-4/8/2013):
-EPIC-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500
-Early adopters can pre-order the upgrade for $8500 ($1000 credit when invoiced)
-New EPIC-M Dragon pre-orders begin tomorrow for $29k. Ships after existing Epic-M owners have had opportunity to upgrade.

Thursday (4/11/2013):
-EPIC-X non-early adopters can pre-order upgrade for $9500.
And you can add a Rocket-X to your order for $4495.

Amid the news of the Dragon sensor upgrade, RED also announced the acquisition of Element Technica. The new company will be known as RED ELEMENT. RED and Element have been closely working together for years, so the news doesn’t come as a surprise. Rumors have also been floating around that RED Digital Cinema may have plans to purchase pro-video giant, Band Pro, but that remains to be seen. In addition to the Dragon sensor news, RED had a few other promising announcements:


RED ROCKET-X is a supercharged version of the RED ROCKET, processing .R3D files from Scarlet, EPIC MX and EPIC Dragon cameras up to 5x faster than the current RED Rocket. Pricing is as follows:

    -$6750 Regular Price
    -$5750 for early adopters
    -$4495 if ordered at the time of any DRAGON purchase ( new or upgrade )
    Ships this Summer


Price- $4500 (Ships Fall)The RED MOTION mount not only incorporates an integrated 8x Electronic ND filter in adjustable 1/100 stop granularity, but also overtakes the sensors timing to give you a true global shutter. All integrated and controlled by the camera UI. Eliminates Shutter Judder and defeats temporal aliasing.


Price- $2500 (Ships June)The PROXY MODULE records DNxHD, H.264, and ProRes proxy files. Connects via included HD-SDI cable to your DSMC brain or PRO I/O MODULE and the PROXY MODULE will record your 1080p video feed onto RED MINI-MAGs (64GB, 128GB, or 256GB).


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