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Color Grading With Magic Bullet Looks in Premiere CS6

I have a business associate; we'll call him Mister X to protect his identity. Mister X is a talented graphic designer and photographer and is just getting into the world of digital cinema/video. Mister X has a Canon 5D Mark II he shoots with that has served him well in the world of stills and would like to use his trusted Canon camera to get acquainted with capturing moving images. When talking, the Full Story...

The Kings of Flare- Lomo Anamorphic Square Front Lenses

FACT: We all love shooting anamorphic. With Arri's new ALEXA 4:3 camera fresh on the market and Arri Zeiss Master Anamorphic Lenses being announced in Sept 2012, it seems like the anamorphic format is making a comeback. The size and shape of 4:3 sensors are ideally suited to anamorphic image capture, maximizing image quality and faithfully rendering the optical characteristics of the lenses. Anamorphic Full Story...