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MeCam UAV Aerial Camera System

MeCam- $49 Drone Could Be The Future of Aerial Videography

Amid the chaos that is the annual CES show, San Francisco based Always Innovating introduced a nifty little personal drone that could very well be the platform for the next generation of affordable aerial cameras. Dubbed the MeCam, the device is described as a "self video nano copter to point-and-shoot yourself." MeCam is launched from the palm of your hand and will follow your movements (without remote) Full Story...

$58,000 RED EPIC Camera Takes Flight on OM-Copter Drone

Everyone loves watching high quality aerial shots as they sweep by on the big screen. Traditionally, those shots are captured by movie studios renting full size helicopters with industrial grade cameras attached. Of course, the cost of this setup is more than a normal everyday person could afford, and brings with it several logistical problems as well. For a while now, movie directors and producers Full Story...