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HD Planet Cameras Buys Arri Alexa

HD Planet is a proud new owner of an Arri Alexa EV. "The Oringinal" as Arri puts it. The first camera on the scene remains at the center of the family; it is the keystone of a modular and upgradeable system that offers not just an image capture solution, but an entire image pipeline. By combining proprietary ARRI technology with ubiquitous, best-of-class tools from industry-leading partners, ALEXA Full Story...

A new era for anamorphic: “THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN”

ARRI announces an entirely new range of anamorphic lenses for 35 format digital and film cameras. Comprising seven high performance primes, ranging in focal length between 35mm and 135mm, the ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic series represents a significant step forward in the technology and practicality of anamorphic cinematography. Every one of the seven Master Anamorphic lenses has a T-stop of T1.9 Full Story...