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Sony Leaks Pricing For F5 and F55 Cinealta Cameras

When the Sony F5 and Sony F55 cameras were announced a few weeks back, the press release was full of specs and features and pictures showcasing the modular design of their new 4K offerings. The press releases left out one important fact however... pricing. Today Sony Japan leaked some interesting pricing information, although in Yen. I guess Sony doesn't think we can convert currency, because they Full Story...

Sony Announces F5- New CineAlta 4K Camera

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors as to what exactly Sony was going to announce today... and I don't think very many people were disappointed. In addition to two new 4K cameras, Sony decided to also release a full line of PL mount prime cinema lenses. Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Camera Sony has effectively filled the huge gap between the Sony F3 and F65 CineAlta cameras with the announcement Full Story...