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"Producer's" Package

RED EPIC “Producer’s” Package for only $1,099

Need to shoot your next project in 5K? HD Planet Cameras is now offering an amazing deal for a complete RED EPIC Package... everything a production needs to make there vision come alive. The "Producers" package is a FULL shooting kit for right around $1k, complete with RED zoom lens, mattebox, follow focus, tripod and O'connor 2575 Fluid Head Mitchell. The Producers package can be picked up at HD Planet Full Story...

ICP- “Chris Benoit” Music Video Shot on RED EPIC w/ RED PRO PRIMES

ICP recently released their music video for "Chris Benoit" off their new album “Mighty Death Pop” to mixed reviews online. The only negative comments seem to be from people who do not enjoy ICP's brand of music. Your thoughts on the music aside, the Deka Brothers have created a visually stunning video utilizing RED EPIC-M and EPIC-X cameras, along with RED PRO PRIME lenses. Julien Deka had Full Story...