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OCT-19 Spherical LOMO Prime Lens Set

By Collis Huntington...HD Planet Cameras acquires set of OCT-19 mounted spherical LOMO primes and OCT-19 Mount for the RED Epic. After putting some elbow grease (and white lithium grease) into these bad boys the focus is running extremely smooth. With the 50mm and 75mm at a T2.2, they are running fast too. The 150mm is a T3.2. With two more wider lenses being worked on by our lens technician Felix Full Story...

Little Hurricane- “Haunted Heart” Shot on RED EPIC

"Haunted Heart" Shot on RED EPIC Little Hurricane, a San Diego blues duo, recently shot their music video for "Haunted Heart;" off their debut album Homewrecker. Directed by DJay Brawner and shot by DP Bryant Jansen the video was shot on the RED EPIC 5K cinema camera using LOMO anamorphic prime lenses with diopters. Edited on FCP and graded in Color. 35mm and 80mm LOMO anamorphic lenses used for Full Story...