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Sony Leaks Pricing For F5 and F55 Cinealta Cameras

When the Sony F5 and Sony F55 cameras were announced a few weeks back, the press release was full of specs and features and pictures showcasing the modular design of their new 4K offerings. The press releases left out one important fact however... pricing. Today Sony Japan leaked some interesting pricing information, although in Yen. I guess Sony doesn't think we can convert currency, because they Full Story...

A Breakdown of the 4K Sony F55 Cinealta Camera

If you have already seen the Sony F5, the F55 might seem like the same camera at first glance. Appearance wise, they are identical expect for the ring on the lens mount (F55 has a silver ring, while the F5 has a black ring). The F5 sensor is reportedly rated ISO 2000, while the F55 is said to be rated at ISO 1250. The two new Cinealta cameras both feature the same Super 35mm sized 4K sensor with 8.9 Full Story...