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In the Works: Vaughn Rumored for New ‘Star Wars’ Installment; Ford Interested in Revisiting Han Solo

By Anne Thompson and Beth Hanna November 6, 2012 1:21 PM... One of the exciting prospects for veteran Spielberg poducer Kathleen Kennedy as the new president at Disney-owned Lucasfilm is that she is more than capable of developing a strong script and luring gifted filmmakers to the planned "Star Wars" franchise reboot. Even without a script on hand, directors are lining up. Director Matthew Vaughn Full Story...

Why Time Travel Stories Should Be Messy

From: Charlie Jane Anders This weekend belongs to time travel. We're finally seeing the long-awaited release of Looper, the Terminator-inspired gangster movie. And Steven Moffat is writing what I'm guessing will be another timey-wimey episode of Doctor Who. So now's a great moment to think about time travel, and what makes it especially cool. To a lot of people, time travel stories are cool when Full Story...