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Filmmaking Tips From Director Steven Soderbergh

By: Joe Marine, Via NoFilmSchool.com You may have heard his name before, and you may even have seen some of his films, but Academy Awarding winning director Steven Soderbergh is the real deal, and an auteur in his own way. He’s one of the few directors working at the highest level who also shoots and edits his own films, and he’s a huge supporter of RED, having shot every single film on their Full Story...

“Side By Side”- Documentary Looks at Film Vs. Digital

By: Caryn James via IndieWire Side By Side, the terrific, widely-praised documentary with interviews by one of its producers, Keanu Reeves, has been available On Demand for a few weeks and is has just opened in New York – an event that offers your very own counterpart to the movie’s unexpectedly fascinating debate about film vs. digital technology. Do you watch at home or go old-school and Full Story...